About Us

In 2000, avid faire attendees (and workers) Dave Chamberlain, Andrew Elkins and Dave Miner felt there was a serious lack of period, historical furniture available at Renaissance Faires and Festivals. As such, Hallowed Tree Furniture sprouted from that inspiration. After a few years, Mr. Miner had to bow out due to important life and employment decisions, but it has been over 15 years now, and Mr. Chamberlain and Mr. Elkins continue to keep Hallowed Tree growing.

To help support the furniture line, Hallowed Tree brought in games, toys, kazoos, puppets and more to make the business more sustainable and attractive to customers. The owners continue to pride themselves on selling quality products and creating furniture that adds a rustic presence to people’s lives and personal playgrounds.

Hallowed Tree also takes custom orders for furniture. If you have a concept, we can make it a reality. Please keep in mind that we make all the furniture by hand and that takes time. Unfortunately, we cannot churn these out overnight. There is a process for development, creation and shipping/delivery. We will work with you to create your desires and agree on a production/delivery schedule together.

The booth’s roots come from Southern California, and while it no longer is present at its home faire, we do several faires and festivals throughout the state. If you are unable to visit us at one of these event, fear not because you can always purchase many of our items right here on our web site.

Feel free to look around the site and find what you like.

We are always open to suggestions.

Hope to see you at our next event, so come by with your salutations!

Until then… Hip Hip Huzzah!